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A free, independent spirit.
Doodle’s popularity is also because does not follow the trends, it seizes them right in their own times. Doodle has a variety of high quality and original designs.
Doodle is an accessory of expression, which allows us to wear our moods. Doodle watches can be fun, inspiring and make you look good. It also brings to everyday lifestyle many loved and appreciated symbols – like tattoos – without submitting itself to any fashion diktat.
Doodle is a contemporary tattoo, for a super versatile and casual accessory which can be worn and changed, every day.
A detail that talks about you but allows you to create a new version of “you”, whenever you like.
Tattoo, Dragon, Skull, Oriental, Calaveras, Tropical, American, Graphic, Street Fighter, Nature, Santa Muerte
Once you discover the world of Doodle, you will not leave home without it.